Training options

At Trickle we offer a range of trainings that focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. All our trainings fit today’s societal challenges we all have to deal with.

You can either choose for a training that includes the entire team (offline & online) but you can also dive into the world of inclusive marketing. Do you want to know more about the different possibilities? Please contact us


What makes our trainings effective?

Our trainings are completed by our passionate trainers who have knowledge and experience in the field of diversity, inclusion, the job market and culture. Our trainers implement the theory in a practical way with the help of challenging exercises. 

In all cases, we draw up trainings that match the goals of your organization, but also the level and learning style of the participants. We design the entire training program ourselves, including the work forms, cases and assignments.


Diversity training

Our diversity training can help you as an employer to realise the benefits of diversity. This carefully composed Trickle training will positively influence the consciousness of your team members and board.

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Inclusive communication

The market is changing rapidly and is becoming more and more diverse. The traditional way of advertising is thus considerably challenged. If you want to remain relevant as a brand, it’s important to conduct inclusive communication.


HR & Management Diversity training

As a member of HR and/or managment, you’re on the front lines when it comes to diversity, inclusion and equity. That’s why we offer a special diversity training for HR & Management professionals.

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