Trickle is the recruitment service for anonymous hiring. It’s our mission to help companies with the creation of a more diverse and inclusive workspace.

Why do we need it?

Unfortunately not everyone gets the same opportunities when applying for a job. While we like to believe we don’t have any biases, only 5% of what we think and do is conscious – and with that a vast 95% unconscious. 

And let it just be the unconscious mind that defines the major part of our actions and filters the way we look at reality. This results in unconscious bias influencing the choice for a certain applicant when we see a photo or read a name. And that’s a pity, because it’s proven that companies benefit immensely from diversity in the workspace. To add to that you’ll miss the chance to hire talented employees.

That’s why we help companies with anonymizing their applications. Saying goodbye to unconscious bias and creating a level playing field for every job seeker.

Our vision

We believe in equal opportunities on the job market for everyone – regardless of background. And what’s a better way to achieve that than with an anonymous hiring process? 

This means: removing all personal information of the applicant. By doing this, only your skills, qualities and experience will be presented to the employer. Because that’s all that matters, right?

Anonymous hiring is a great step towards a more diverse workspace. That is a great start, but more is needed for a more inclusive company culture. That’s why Trickle is committed to create and maintain more inclusion, by offering diversity trainings. Especially education about why we have certain biases and how we can recognise them is an important and necessary part of this process.

Apart from our training we write blogs to offer insight in making your hiring process more inclusive and your workforce more diverse. Also, we help applicants by sharing tips en tricks for finding a job.

These tips are nice and useful, but we like hard data too. That’s why we share relevant research about diversity, inclusion an anonymous hiring to give you more insight and inspiration to transform the Dutch work space.