General Terms and Conditions



Our mission

Trickle offers a job database for more diversity and inclusivity in the labor market. Trickle’s mission is to create a level playing field for future employees by filtering out information that can lead to unequal treatment. In this way, Trickle wants to tackle systemic favoritism  based on factors other than quality and contribute to equal opportunities, regardless of gender, migration background or ethnic background.


Article 1 – Definitions

In these general terms and conditions, the following terms, each time indicated with a capital letter, in singular and plural have the following meaning:

GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation;

Services: the Services of Trickle, as described in art. 3;

User(s): any natural person who uses the Trickle job database;

Trickle: Trickle, located at 1015 WV, Marnixstraat 128F and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 78662508;

Trickle job board: the Trickle job board, accessible via, among others, on which Trickle offers the User the Services;

Trickle website: the internet page on which the job database is available and accessible to Users and Employers;


Property rights: all intellectual property rights, including – but not limited to – copyright, trademark law, trade name law and database law;

Overeenkomst: the agreement between Trickle and User regarding the Services;

Personal data: personal data as referred to in art. 4 part 1 GDPR;

Privacy Policy: Trickle’s Privacy Policy, which can be found on the Trickle website;

Controller: the Controller within the meaning of art. 4 part 7 GDPR;

Employer (s): the legal person (s) and who makes its vacancies available for Trickle to offer to Users;


Article 2 – Applicability

2.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to the provision of Services by Trickle to the User.


Article 3 – Services

3.1 Trickle provides the following Services to the User: 

  • Providing access to the Trickle job database;
  • Editing cover letters, curriculum vitae (CV) and other associated documentation in such a way that directly identifying data is removed with the aim of preventing unequal treatment;
  • Informing the User about the progress of the application procedure;
  • Forwarding the aforementioned application letters and documentation to Employers with whom the User wishes to apply;
  • Forwarding the correspondence between the user and the Employer as a result of the application, up to the moment of the first interview;
  • Support in planning the first interview.

3.2 The User does not owe any compensation to Trickle for the Services.

3.3 Trickle will start providing the Services referred to in the first paragraph as soon as the User has instructed to do so when responding to a vacancy on the Trickle website. Trickle’s Services end when the Employer and User have made an appointment for an initial job interview.

3.4 An agreement of assignment is concluded between the parties as soon as the User orders the provision of the Services. There is expressly no employment contract between Trickle and User.


Article 4 – Privacy and information security

4.1 Trickle acts as Controller with regard to the processing of Users’ Personal Data for the Services. Trickle processes the Personal Data in particular for generating a user account and providing the Services. The Trickle Privacy Policy describes in more detail how Trickle handles Personal Data.

4.2 Trickle retains the data in the User’s account until the User deletes it.


Article 5 – Intellectual Property Rights

5.1 All Intellectual Property Rights with regard to the designation Trickle, the Trickle website, including the (Personal) data placed thereon, texts, images, design, photos, image and / or sound material, formats, software, brands and domain names, the data on the Trickle website and the Services rest solely with Trickle and / or its licensors and advertisers or the Trickle website. Nothing in the Agreement aims at any transfer of said Intellectual Property Rights.

5.2 Without the prior written consent of Trickle, the User is not permitted to (i) request and / or reuse a substantial part of the content of the Trickle vacancy database within the meaning of the Database Act and (ii) repeat insubstantial parts of this content. and to be systematically retrieved and reused within the meaning of the Database Act.


Article 6 – Guarantees and liability

6.1 Trickle makes the Trickle job database available to the User to help the User offer and find a job. However, Trickle does not guarantee that the User will actually find a job.

6.2 Trickle does not guarantee that the Trickle job board will be available uninterruptedly and without delay, nor that the information on the Trickle website is complete and correct.

6.3 Trickle is not liable for damage suffered by the User in connection with the Agreement and / or the Services;

6.4 In the event that Trickle cannot invoke the liability limitation in art. 6.3 its liability is limited to direct damage up to a maximum amount of € 500.

6.5 The provisions of art. 6.3 and 6.4 does not apply to damage caused as a result of intent or gross negligence on the part of Trickle.

6.6 Trickle is not responsible for companies that, outside the Trickle job database, also post vacancies using anonymous applications.


Article 7 – Miscellaneous

7.1 Dutch law is applicable to this Agreement. Any disputes will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.

7.2 Trickle can change these general terms and conditions at any time. In that case, the amended general terms and conditions apply from the moment they are made available to the User via the Trickle website.