Anonymous hiring. What is it? Why do we do it? And why does this contribute to a more diverse and inclusive company culture?

What we mean by anonymous hiring is the act of removing al personal information of job applicants. This means, as an applicant, only your skills, qualities and experience are presented to the employer. Unconscious biases are always present during the selection process. The simplest way to remove these biases, is using filters. Equal opportunities will be realised when anonymous hiring becomes the default and that is why we make anonymous hiring and job seeking possible for all companies and applicants in the Netherlands. 

Trickle functions as a mediator between applicant and employer – but always leaves the companies in control. As a company you decide who you will or won’t invite fo an interview.

A diverse and inclusive work space

The path to creating a diverse and inclusive work space starts with recognising and respecting each others differences. It’s well known that companies benefit from diversity – but how to achieve this? On our blogs we regularly share tips and tricks to help you on the way. Like this article in which we write about the next phase of the hiring process. These are tips that can help you maintain equal opportunities for all your employees.