Anonymous hiring

By anonymous hiring filter all personal data of an applicant. This means that as an applicant, you only present your skills, qualities and experiences to an employer.

You maintain equal opportunities when applying anonymously becomes the norm for everyone. Each applicant is only assessed on his / her / their qualities and experience. Unconscious bias doesn’t play a role anymore.

When you’re a good match for the job, the employer will contact you for a job interview. From this interview on, your personal data is known by the employer. 


No, the employer will always remain control in the selection process. Every applicant who applies for a job will be sent directly through the employer

Sure! We always encourage this in order to increase the reach of your vacancy. As long as the vacancy always refers to the vacancy on Trickle.work.

This can simply be done by adding a link at the botton. In this way, every applicant applies anonymously and you will remain a level playing field.

Trickle makes anonymous hiring easy. As a company, you do not have to call in extra forces who manually anonymise applications. 

Job seekers

No, you can simply apply with your existing resume and our software will take care of making it anonymous. 

After you’ve applied for a job, the employer will review the resume and send you a message through the dashboard if they want to see an additional motivational letter.

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