Diversity training

Diversity training

Online diversity training

We offer an accessible Zoom introduction training about diversity and inclusion for teams.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Max number of attendees: 10

Diversity training on location

In this training we will go into depth with more interactive exercises.

Duration: 2,5 hours
Max number of attendees: 15

Diversity training

Our diversity training can help you as an employer to realise the benefits of diversity. Positive effects of more diversity can for example be: innovation, better decision making, satisfied staff & customers and more creativity. This carefully composed Trickle training will positively influence the consciousness of your team members.


This is included in the diversity training of Trickle:

  • The base of an inclusive workforce
  • Going through commonly used terms
  • Facts and numbers about the benefits of diversity
  • An interactive workshop about the different types of diversity and (un)conscious bias
  • How to work with a diverse workforce
  • Different cases that fit your company

For who?

The training is suitable for every company that sees or wants to see the importance of diversity & inclusion. Is your workforce homogeneous or not at all? Do you notice that miscommunications arise? A training like this is intended so the whole team can open this conversation and make the first steps towards an inclusive policy. It can also be a nice start when you as a company try to attract a more diverse workforce. The diversity training provides tools that can help you recruit inclusively and create an inclusive working atmosphere.

Every training will be adjusted to your company. Would you like to plan a training? We will first call for an intake to discuss our needs.

The goal of the training is to increase the consciousness and knowledge in the field of diversity and inclusion within the team. The second part of the training will be  an interactive part: employees are given the chance to talk about different cases. The main goal is:  better communication between people with different backgrounds and decrease unconscious bias. All cases are fully geared to concrete practical examples and our trainers will guide the team while working with everyone.

Are you interested in this diversity training? Please contact us for more info.

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