Opleiding diversiteit en inclusie

Trickle Basics D&I training

Our diversity & inclusion training can help you as an employer to realise the benefits of diversity. Positive effects of more diversity can for example be: innovation, better decision making, satisfied staff & customers and more creativity. This carefully composed Trickle training will positively influence the consciousness of your team members. They will get to know each other and themselves better. This training will provide some tools that can help in certain situations.

Trickle trainers facilitates the conversation about this topic. We create a safe zone where everyone will be heard and they can ask the questions they want. 

What is included?

  • Het behandelen van veelgebruikte termen
  • De basis van een inclusief personeelsbestand
  • The different types of diversity and (un)conscious bias
  • Get to know yourself and your colleagues
  • Verschillende cases die bij uw bedrijf passen
Our trainings are for a max of 15 persons and take 3 hours.
We come to your location unless you want us to provide one for you.

Voor wie?

The training is suitable for every company that sees or wants to see the importance of diversity & inclusion. Is your workforce homogeneous or not at all? Do you notice that miscommunications arise? It can also be a nice start when you as a company try to attract a more diverse workforce. The D&I training provides tools that can help to create an inclusive working atmosphere.

Elke training wordt aangepast aan uw bedrijf. Wilt u een training plannen? Wij bellen eerst voor een intake om de wensen te bespreken.

The goal of the training is to increase the consciousness and knowledge in the field of diversity and inclusion within the team. The second part of the training is an interactive part: employees are given the chance to talk about different cases. The main goal is: know how to deal with situations that are uncomfortable for you. All cases are fully geared to concrete practical examples and our trainers will guide the team while working with everyone.

Bent u geïnteresseerd in deze diversiteitstraining? Neem dan contact met ons op voor meer info.